Using and Sharing Images

Downloading and Sharing Images

Each gallery offers several image sizes for different uses. All client galleries include color-corrected images up to "Medium" size, with "Original" size retouched images available in certain packages or as an add on.

To download, click on the down arrow as shown to the right.

-"Medium" is optimal for posting to social media or sharing through email or cell phones.

-"X-Large" is optimal for printing up to 4x6 to share or for use on computers and larger screens

-"Original" is optimal for printing up to 12 x 18 inches or archival use.

Ordering custom prints

Custom prints will be individually retouched and printed on high quality paper. To order a custom print, navigate to your gallery and fill out the "Contact Me" form with the images and requested sizes.


Alex Peterson grants a license to each client for personal, non commercial use. Images can be printed, shared via Social Media, or other common methods. All commercial use is prohibited.

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